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The Paul Bergne Memorial Lecture - Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College

Wednesday 18th May 2011, 6pm: Professor Paul Stevens, Senior Research Fellow (Energy) at Chatham House
“Caspian Oil and Gas: A Twenty-Year Retrospective with Lessons on the Arrogance of Prediction”

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 4th annual Paul Bergne Memorial Lecture, hosted jointly by St. Antony's College and The Oxford Society for the Caspian and Central Asia

The lecture will be followed by an opportunity for questions, and then by a reception in St Antony's Buttery.

We expect this to be a popular event, so please by 14th May to secure a place.

Professor Stevens is Senior Research Fellow (Energy) at Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs) in London. Educated as an economist and as a specialist on the Middle East at Cambridge and the School of Oriental and African Studies; 1973-1979 teaching at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon interspersed with two years as an oil consultant; 1979-93 at the University of Surrey. Between 1993 and 2008, he was Professor of Petroleum Policy and Economics at the Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee, Scotland, a chair created by BP. He is now Professor Emeritus at the University of Dundee and a Consulting Professor at Stanford University. Professor Stevens has published extensively on energy economics, the international petroleum industry, economic development issues and the political economy of the Gulf. He also works as a consultant for many companies and governments. In March 2009 he was presented with the OPEC Award for services to improve the understanding of the international oil industry.

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2010/2011 Seminar Series: Land, Environment, and Networks in Modern Eurasia

15th October: Douglas Northop (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Five Days That shook the World: Earthquakes and Empire on the Eurasian Periphery

22nd October: Christian Noack (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)
From Kolkhoz to Jama'at: The Transformation of Rural Islamic Background Communities in the Former USSR

29th October: Florian Schwarz (University of Vienna)
Between Empires: Muslim Dragomans and the Transformation of Central Asia, 1850-1930

5th November: Shamil Yenikeyeff (University of Oxford)
Central Asian Energy: Prospects and Challenges

12th November: Laura Newby (University of Oxford)
The Limits of Power: Boundaries and Bestowals on Qing China's Northwestern Frontier

19th November: Alexander Morrison (University of Liverpool)
'This particularly Painful Place'.  The Failure of the Syr-Darya Line as a Frontier, 1845-1865

3rd December: Jeff Sahadeo (Carleton University)
Soviet Central Asian Traders in Leningrad and Moscow

12th February: Wolfgang Holzwart (Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg)
Russian Railways and Eurasian Lambskin and Meat Markets in the Nineteenh and Twentieth Centuries

October 15th – 22nd : Panelled Room, Wadham College
October 29th – February 12th : Hovenden Room, All Souls College

Time: 5pm Fridays

Convenors: Edmund Herzig, Alexander Morrison, Timothy Nunan, and Thomas Welsford

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series programme.

Third Paul Bergne Memorial Lecture

Date:Friday 4th June at 6pm
Presenter: Professor Rory Stewart (Harvard)
Location: Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College, Oxford, followed by a reception in the Buttery
Additional Information: Professor Stewart is the author of 'The Places in between' (Picador, 2004)


"Marriage, Modernity, and the 'Friendship of Nations': Interethnic Marriage in Soviet Central Asia."
Date: On Friday 7th May at 5pm
Presenter: Professor Adrienne Lynn Edgar (University of California, Santa Barbara, & Humboldt University, Berlin)
Location: Hovenden Room, All Souls College, Oxford

Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan

‘From mirage to reality: recent discoveries of the Franco-Afghan archaeological team in Bactra/Balkh’
Date: Monday 7th December 2009, 5.00 pm
Key Contact: Philippe Marquis
Location: Lecture Room 1, Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford
(contact details at


Philippe Marquis is the head of the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA), which is carrying out archaeological explorations in Afghanistan in collaboration with the Afghan Ministry of Culture. Initial explorations at Bactra/Balkh, which began in 1922 and were focussed on finding ancient Greek settlements, resulted in scholars concluding that Bactria was but a ‘mirage’. Much headway has been made since the programme resumed explorations in 2004, bringing the task to retrace Bactra/Balkh’s historical topography closer to reality. M. Marquis, who is based in Kabul, will provide an overview of the latest findings of the ongoing excavations and site surveys in Balkh. He will present hitherto-unpublished data, including new evidence on the sequence of pre-Mongol occupations in Balkh from the Achaemenid (6th century BC) to the Ghurid (12th century AD) periods. M. Marquis will also touch on important current issues and debates concerning the cultural heritage of Afghanistan.

Philippe Marquis assumed his position as Director of the Délégation Archéologique Française en Afghanistan (DAFA) in September 2009. Previously, he had served as Deputy Director and had participated in the excavations at Bactra/Balkh since their resumption in 2004. Before working in Afghanistan, M. Marquis was an archaeologist for the municipality of Paris over a 25-year period acting as heritage conservationist ('conservateur du patrimoine'), while at the same time working on archaeological projects in Pakistan, the UAE, Oman and Lebanon. M. Marquis also served as the UNESCO coordinator for the rescue excavations of downtown Beirut. M. Marquis graduated in Prehistoric Archaeology at Paris 1 University (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and in Arabic at INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisation Orientale). Most recently, he co-authored the Dictionnaire d’archéologie, which was published by Larousse in 2008.

Central Asia and Caucasus Studies in the UK: Focusing on Communities, Societies and States.

Date: November 6-7, 2009
Location: University of St Andrews -

Parliament Hall, South Street. (Parliament Hall is under number 67 in the alphabetical index; coordinates - J3 on the University Map)
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Panel chair: Mohira Suyarkulova; Discussant: Dr Stephanie Bunn (U of St Andrews)

Panel chair: Alison Careless; Discussant: Dr Johan Rasanayagam ( U of Aberdeen)

Panel chair: Jeanne Féaux de la Croix; Discussant: Dr John Schoeberlein (Harvard University)

Panel chair: Dr Wojtek Ostrowski; Discussant: Dr Sally Cummings (U of St Andrews)

Keynote address by Dr Johan Rasanayagam (University of Aberdeen)
Authenticity and tradition: secular and non-secular discourses in Uzbekistan

Uses of a PhD outside of academia by John Schoeberlein (Harvard University)

Using your expert knowledge in journalism by Shahida Tulyaganova

Understanding Academic Publishing by Peter Sowden (freelance editor)

PG community of students of CA&C: what are the ways forward? Planning session
Opening remarks by Mohira Suyarkulova; Moderated by Jeanne Féaux de la Croix

Closing remarks: Jeanne Féaux de la Croix and Mohira Suyarkulova

Tajikistan: Birth and Rebirth

Tajikistan: Birth and Rebirth, organised by TOSCCA and the Russian and Eurasian Studies Centre of St Antony's College.  It was held at St Antony's College, 13th and 14th October 2009.  

Download a copy of the programme.

50th birthday celebration event of Mr Annakuly Nurmammedov

The 50th birthday celebration event of Mr Annakuly Nurmammedov (former Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan). During the event there were different presentations about Turkmenistan.

Tuesday 12th May, 6:30pm St Hilda's College, Cowley Place, Oxford.

Eldar Rustamov
35 William Morris Close
Tel: +44 (0) 7551 556959
E-mail: chairman@oxaz.co.uk
Web: www.oxaz.co.uk

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‘Speak not of Persian brick work but of Persian brick magic’: the architecture of 12th-century Turkmenistan

Wednesday 6 May 2009, Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony’s College 6.00 pm.
Professor Robert Hillenbrand (University of Edinburgh).

Materialising state space: "creeping migration" and territorial integrity in southern Kyrgyzstan

Friday 13th March, Hovenden Room, All Souls College, Oxford, 5pm
Dr Madeleine Reeves (Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change, University of Manchester)

Dr Reeves' presentation will explore the materialisation of state space in the region of the new international border between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the Isfara valley. Its empirical point of entry is a phenomenon known in Kyrgyzstani political discourse as 'creeping migration'.

This process refers to the illegal purchase or lease of land and property in Kyrgyzstani border villages by citizens of neighbouring border villages in Tajikistan. Drawing on extended ethnographic fieldwork, the presentation examines the dynamics of this phenomenon in its historical context, examining the legacies of Soviet delimitation and the contemporary political economy of land on both sides of the border that has rendered swathes of territory 'contested'.

It is also concerned to understand the life that 'creeping migration' has come to acquire in contemporary Kyrgyzstani political discourse. Drawing on Timothy Mitchell's concept of 'state effects', the paper considers how this phenomenon has been used to legitimise a variety of initiatives aimed at 'stabilising' the state in border regions, justified through threats to territorial integrity and cultural loss.

It argues that the 'creeping migration' of political discourse is quite detached from the dynamics of coexistence in the Isfara valley, and warns against the tendency to materialise state separation through the militarization of borderland space.

Dr Alexander Morrison
Lecturer in Imperial History
The School of History
University of Liverpool
9 Abercromby Square
Liverpool L69 7WZ
Tel: 0151 794 2392

Postsocialist land reforms and rural society in Uzbekistan

Friday 6th March, Hovenden Room, All Souls College, Oxford, 5pm
Dr Tommaso Trevisani (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin)

Post-socialist land reforms and rural society in Uzbekistan.
Dr Trevisani will be speaking about the Government of Uzbekistan's current agricultural reform policies and on the new social conflicts which arise from these, together with the recent move towards 'consolidation' in the agricultural sector. The presentation will be based largely on the extensive fieldwork which he has carried out in Khorezm over the last seven years.

International Review discussion on the Russia-Georgia conflict.

The seminar took place on Friday 24th October in the Nissan Lecture Theatre of St Antony's college between 5pm and 7pm.  

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George Khelashvili - Ph.D. candidate, Department of International Relations, Oxford University

Dr Alex Pravda - University Lecturer in Russian and East European Politics, Oxford University

Dr Kalypso Nicolaidis - Professor of International Relations, Oxford University

Sir Adam Roberts - Senior Research Fellow of the Centre for International Studies, Oxford University

Professor Edmund Herzig - Soudavar Professor of Persian Studies, Oxford University


Will anyone benefit from the crisis? Did it serve any party's larger strategic goals?

Merits and faults of personal diplomacy in responding to the crisis

Role of multilateral institutions in promoting peace and stability in the region

Trinity Term Sessions





Friday 16 May, 2008
at 5.00 pm
(Week 4)

'Alibek Mergenov's Kokpar: Kazakh Horsemen of Apocalypse at Play'

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

Alibek Mergenov

Friday 23 May, 2008
at 5.00 pm
(Week 5)

'Adam Thirwell's Nigora: Locality and Representation'

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

Adam Thirwell

Friday 6 June, 2008
at 5.00 pm
(Week 7)

'In the (Post) Soviet Mood: Art Practices in the Epoch of Turbulences'

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

Galim Madanov

Friday 13 June, 2008
at 5.00 pm
(Week 8)

'Traditional Overtone Music: Cultural Policy in Soviet and Post-Soviet Tuva'

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

Professor Valentina Suzukei,
chaired by Dr. Martin Stokes (St John's College)

Hilary Term Sessions





Friday 25 January, 2008
at 5:30pm
(Week 2)

‘Hamid Ismailov’s Railway: Appropriated Russianness?’

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

By Hamid Ismailov & Robert Chandler,
chaired by Dr. Philip Bullock (Wadham)

Friday 22 February, 2008
at 5:30pm
(Week 6)

‘The Use of the Russian Language in Contemporary Central Asian Cinema’

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

By Eugenie Zvonkine (University Paris VIII)

Friday 7 March, 2008
at 5.30pm
(Week 8)

‘Soviet Oriental?: Socialist Realism and Formation of Identities in Soviet Central Asia’

Swire Seminar Room,
12 Merton Street,
University College, Oxford

By Aliya de Tiesenhausen (Courtauld Institute of Art),
chaired by Dr. Michael Nicholson (University)

The inaugural Paul Bergne Memorial Lecture was held on Tuesday 29th April at St Antony's College Oxford.

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