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TOSCCA's Publications

From time to time TOSCCA will publish papers, either related to one of its events or relevant to a specific topic of interest.  Additionally, TOSCCA will make available documents written by other authors where these are considered appropriate in support of the society's aims.

The following papers were presented during our past lecture programmes and may be downloaded..

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 WMD Proliferatio:
 Tackling The Threat In Kazakhstan And Beyond.

 Dr Togzhan Kassenova,
 Oppenheimer Technical Assistance Consultants (OTAC), Almaty.
 Kazakhstan Between East and West workshop.

 The 2005 presidential election and beyond:
 conflict or continuity in domestic politics?
 Michael Denison, University of Leeds.
 Kazakhstan Between East and West workshop.

 Western in Form, Eastern in Content:
 Negotiating time and space in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan
 Cengiz Surucu, Middle East Technical University,
 Department of International Relations.
 Kazakhstan Between East and West workshop.

 The Energy Issues.
 Professor Theresa Sabonis-Helf.
 Kazakhstan Between East and West workshop.

 Water and its impact on regional relations.
 Abdybai Djailobaev, National Water Committee, Bishkek.
 Kyrgyzstan At The Cross-Roads workshop.

 Understanding Kyrgyz-Russian relations:
 New Great Game or Same Old Ideas?

 John Heathershaw, Department of International Relations,
 London School of Economics and Political Science.
 Kyrgyzstan At The Cross-Roads workshop.

 The Last Year – Implications for Development
 The View of the Donors

 Jason Lane, Head of DFID in the Kyrgyz Republic.
 Kyrgyzstan At The Cross-Roads workshop.

 The Economic Situation in the Kyrgyz Republic
 Chris Lovelace, Country Manager, The World Bank
 Kyrgyzstan At The Cross-Roads workshop.

 Kyrgyzstan and the virtual regional relations of Central Asia
 The case of trade.

 Stina Torjesen, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI)
 Kyrgyzstan At The Cross-Roads workshop.

 Kyrgyzstan's Place in the World.
 Dr. Tom Wood, IFES.
 Kyrgyzstan At The Cross-Roads workshop.


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